Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bank Holiday Problems

I had a phone call on Friday evening, as a result of which I needed to go to the bank to transfer some money. However, the Barclays Bank in Hay doesn't open on Saturday morning, and as it's Bank Holiday, it doesn't open on Monday either. For a while now, it has closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well. Which meant that I wouldn't be able to do my business there until Thursday.
At this point I should say that Hay is far better off for banks than many similar sized towns along the Marches, where banks have been closing completely all over the place.
Fortunately, it was easy to look up bank opening times online - Brecon is also closed on a Saturday, but Hereford is open. And I had a few errands I needed to run in Hereford anyway.
At the bus stop, I met a Chinese lady who was trying to work out the bus times. She was unaware of British Bank Holidays, and had therefore thought it would be a good idea to travel from Hay to Penzance on Bank Holiday Monday. I explained that we only got a Sunday service on Bank Holidays (and we're lucky to get that thanks to the Hay Ho people) and the first bus goes at 11.25am. The lady needed to be away earlier than that, to catch a train. She checked with the bus driver when he came, having seen the week day services starting at around 7am (mostly for the schools), but he confirmed that there would be no Stagecoach buses running on Monday. She went away thinking about a taxi - expensive, but there seemed to be no other option.
In Hereford, the visit to the bank went smoothly - but it's years since I was inside the Hereford branch of Barclays, and it's changed a lot! Now a lot of it seems to be self-service, on a bank of computers along one wall, and there were only two actual humans behind a counter for those of us who are perpetually confused and need a bit of help!
There was an Indie Food Festival on in Hereford, but I didn't have time to follow the signs to have a look round (which was a pity) but I did manage to treat myself to a Captain Marvel graphic novel - The Rise of Alpha Flight, which looks like great fun.

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