Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Fun at the Basky

Wednesday night is singing night, and last week the Young Man took his turn to perform in Moriarty's Bar - with Dandy Highwayman, Whispering Grass (for which he did both the Windsor Davies and Don Estelle parts!) and Fagin's Reviewing the Situation from Oliver.
There's always a good mixture of styles and instruments, and last week we had Geoff Tookey of the Border Reelers singing his Potato Song (about the Irish immigrant experience in the USA) and Thomasin with her flutes and whistles. Both were back after a long period away from the venue. As Bob Evans said in his weekly write up of the session on Facebook - there was enough energy in the room to power the National Grid!
And the music ranged from Kate Rusby's Village Green Preservation Society to Simon and Garfunkel, via the Kinks and Thin Lizzy and more.
The rest of the hotel was full of a school party, and there were two Belgian gentlemen in full evening dress!

I see that U3A have started meeting at the Baskerville as well - tonight it's a talk about the Enigma machine.

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Anonymous said...

'The Village Green Preservation Society' is a song written by Ray Davies of The Kinks. There was also a 1968 album called The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society.. Kate Rusby recorded her version of the Kinks' song as a bonus track on her 2007 album Awkward Annie.