Monday, 25 July 2016

Wonderful Tea

I don't usually get chance to see much of the market on Thursdays - when I'm going to work they're still setting up, and by the time I come out for lunch they're usually finishing off. While the Young Man was here, though, we had plenty of time to browse the stalls. In the Buttermarket there was a chap selling interesting looking teas, and while we were there one of his regular customers came up and told us how wonderful the teas are. "You've got to drink them with a little sugar, to bring the flavour out," he said. The Young Man likes teas with interesting flavours (I'm more of a black tea girl myself, though I do enjoy Russian Caravan Tea, with that subtle smoky taste), so he bought a couple of bags to try.
When he'd gone back home, I got a phone call after a couple of days. "You've got to try this tea!" he said. It was hot and sultry in London, and even 12 floors up in his flat, there was no breeze, so he'd been drinking the Magic Dragon tea iced. He'd also had it hot the previous evening, and he was very impressed!
So this Thursday, I'll have chance to get to the stall before I start work, and I'll have a try for myself.

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Anonymous said...

I miss shopping at the market and mostly miss running into you on your walks about town. From your red headed American friend.