Monday, 4 July 2016

Food Fair

I have been treating myself, and stocking up for when my Young Man comes to visit, hence the Welsh Black Mountain beef now in the freezer and the three bottles of Brecon beer on the dresser - including the 10%ABV Brecon Mind Bleach, a double black Imperial little voice in the head remover (the label says!).
It was nice to see some genuine Indian food among the stalls, too - a lovely chap in a turban described how they made Samosa Chaat, with broken up vegetarian samosas, covered in chickpea curry, with a selection of sauces, for a riot of flavours in the mouth. It was delicious.
Inside, there were breads (I got a spelt loaf from Talgarth Mill), cakes, teas, coffees, beef and pork, Trealy Farm preserved meats, honey, chocolate, jams and chutneys and sauces.
The Talgarth Male Voice Choir was singing when I first got to the marquee, a medley of World War One and Two songs, and later the Brecon Band played, while a very enthusiastic man sold herb plants, with lots of advice about how best to grow them, and there were crafts in the Buttermarket.

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