Friday, 22 July 2016

Eating out in Hay

I don't normally eat out, but while the Young Man was here, we didn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen (apart from a rather good Chinese stir-fry we made with the Welsh Mountain rump steak I got at the Food Fair). To be honest, we didn't spend much time eating out in restaurants or pubs either, but we did do a lot of nibbling snacks while binge watching Arrow! And our day out in Brecon was planned around a pie and a pint at the Brecon Tap.
It's possible to eat very well in Hay, but this time we were feeling quite lazy, and when we did fancy a proper meal, the chip shop was very convenient. They do generous portions of chips - and the Young Man was delighted that they now serve saveloys, just like he can get in London. They also do a really, really good chilli con carne. I may never attempt to cook my own version again!
We also went to Red Indigo - the Young Man finds it easy to get Chinese food in London, but good Indian food is rarer where he lives. He had the chicken Dansak and I had lamb Rogan Josh, with vegetable rice and naan, and we really enjoyed the food, as usual.
Our picnic lunch and other snacks came from the Wholefood shop - we love their sausage rolls, and the samosas are good too.
We planned to have tapas at Tomatitos, too, but ran out of time.
We ate a fair bit of ice cream over the week, too - which is why I went out today to treat myself to a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream from Shepherds!

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