Saturday, 6 May 2017

Congratulations to Gareth Ratcliffe

The results of the council elections are in, and Gareth Ratcliffe has been re-elected as the County Councillor for Hay, with 71% of the votes cast. This time, he was running as a Lib Dem - last time he was a Conservative. His opponent in the election was Rob Golesworthy, who was running as a Conservative.
For the rest of Powys, Llangors now has a Green councillor, Emily Durrant - the first Green county councillor in Powys. Talgarth and Glasbury remain Lib Dem, with William Powell and James Gibson-Watt holding their seats.

So there are now 30 Independents in the County Council - the biggest group, but down 18 from last time (though some just changed from being Independent to joining a party). The next biggest group is the Conservatives, with 19 (up 9 from last time), followed by the Lib Dems with 14 (up 4 from last time), 7 Labour (up 1), with 2 Plaid Cymru and one Green (both new parties to the County Council).

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Sadly, not much choice for you then.