Friday, 26 May 2017

Exhibitions and Things

Today, the Fair on the Square was setting up, with vintage stalls and a marquee with tables and chairs out for music and supper evenings.
I usually do my washing at the launderette on a Friday, so I thought it would be a good idea to get that out of the way before the campers run out of clean clothes! Tangerine Fields is across the river this year, and there are the yurts (with live music) by the Festival Site. When I got to the Launderette, I found that the owner has chosen this week to put the prices up. I don't begrudge paying £4.00 - it's been £3.00 for a long time, but it is starting to be a bit difficult to find the round pound coins (as the coin slots haven't been updated for the new pounds yet), and I'd only taken what I thought was the right change - so I had to walk back home to get another pound coin. A bit of warning would have been nice. The charge for the dryers is unchanged.

I went into Beer Revolution for my customary half of beer while the washing was going - a nice glass of Lucky 7 pale ale. Dix the cartoonist is exhibiting there this year. I also picked up a card for The Long Way Home, an exhibition of contemporary Welsh landscapes by local artist BR Martin Andrews, which will be at the Hay Loft, at the bottom of the Castle Drive. In July he's moving the exhibition to the River Café in Glasbury. The scene shown on the card is snow falling on a wire fence, with a thorn tree, up on the tops, in shades of grey.
St Johns has transformed itself into a Burger Bar again, and Oxfam are having their yearly linen sale - I picked up a fine lawn pillowcase, with intricate embroidery in white, for £2.50. It's a bit frayed round the edges, but it still looks beautiful!
And down the road, opposite the Globe (closed for the week), Paul Haynes has set up his book tent, with bargain books and some prints for sale.
I'm also looking forward to seeing what music is on at the Old Electric Shop this year, as they stay open into the evenings. Last night, I was sitting outside Kilvert's with friends, and drinking Brecon Brewery's new beer The Physicians of Myddfai - "with suitable herbs", which was very refreshing.

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