Thursday, 4 May 2017

Stitch and Bitch

As it's the First Thursday of the month, a good number of knitting and stitching ladies turned up at the Three Tuns earlier this evening. There were reports from Wonderwool - maybe not the bargains to be had that there were in previous years, but some gorgeous wool on offer all the same.
One lady showed photos of her daughter's wedding, which I think was the first wedding to be held in Booths Bookshop - they had overflow seating in the cinema, so the guests could watch everything on the big screen!
Kitty brought her jumper which needed a bit of TLC, provided by Tracy - something had gone horribly wrong with the sleeves, but it's back on track now. She had intended to go on to the Greenpeace meeting at the Globe, but stayed to chat instead.
Another lady was only there because her book club had cancelled their meeting, with her incredibly elaborate jumper which she's been knitting for over a year now, incorporating all her husband's favourite animals in the design.
And Tracy regaled us with stories of her recent holiday in Ireland - including Newgrange and Knowth. She wants to go back and see more of the country.
There was much discussion of what's on at Hay Festival this year - Sharon has bought tickets to several events for her helpers who come to the camp site at Llanigon, and the campsite has sponsored an event, too. Kitty works in the press office over the Festival, and has also started introducing a few events - she says she normally sleeps for a couple of days when it's all over!
The next First Thursday will be in the middle of Hay Festival, so we probably won't be meeting at the Three Tuns (it would be unfair to expect them to reserve a table for us on the busiest week of the year) - but we might take our knitting down to the Festival site instead!

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