Friday, 5 May 2017

Springfield Arts

I happened to be in Hay Wholefoods when a lady was there leaving some leaflets, so out of curiosity I took one.
It made me laugh - because the arts courses she is advertising are based at Springfield, Crickadarn, near Erwood. Years ago, when I and my husband were homeless for a time, we lived at Springfield with the friends who lived there then, in a shed in the field. (We both had jobs, and money in the bank, but it was impossible to find somewhere in the area to live!)
I imagine it's changed quite a bit since we were there, and the courses look interesting: Mapuche weaving from Southern Chile, painting with cold wax, printing leaves onto silk and paper, felting, Wabi Sabi (which seems to be creating an artists book from prints) and landscape painting techniques. The cheapest course, one day of weaving, is £75, and the most expensive, the cold wax and landscape techniques over two days, are £275.
It's a beautiful place to do art - I remember embroidering on a frame in the middle of a meadow full of flowers one summer there - and there are lovely walks in every direction, too.
They have a website at

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