Friday, 12 May 2017

Council Meeting - Parking, Woodland Group and Persimmon

The parking of cars seemed to be a theme running through the meeting on Monday.
On the Gliss, two owners of abandoned cars there are expected to remove them soon, leaving one with its wheels stacked up behind it.
Meanwhile, two camper vans have been seen down there, staying overnight. This was considered to be more of an issue than residents parking overnight, and it was suggested that the signs down there should be changed from "No overnight parking" to "No overnight camping".
Down at the Sports Pavilion, a rota has been worked out that all the sports clubs seem to be happy with, for charging for parking in their car park over the Festival. However, a letter has been received by the Town Council by a lady who lives in the Harley Almshouses. She has been parking her car in the sports pavilion car park, and wonders where she will be able to park in future. The councillors were clear that they couldn't make exceptions for parking there - if she was allowed to park, then other residents of the Almshouses and Brecon Road would want to have the same rights, and there would be no room for the actual users of the sports facilities. So she will have to park on Brecon Road in future.
At the other end of town, the lady who lives in the house just on the edge of the parking zone by the Globe will be disappointed too. The councillors decided that they couldn't take action to extend the parking zone to cover her. Partly this was because the parking scheme was supposed to be a pilot scheme run by the County Council. They seem to have forgotten this, and allowed it to run for about three years, but it is up to them to evaluate whether the scheme has been successful or not, and what boundaries to put on it. They also pointed out that extending the scheme down Newport Road would involve getting the agreement of the residents down the road, to be included in it.
Up at Black Lion Green, there used to be parking for residents at the top of the Green in the field at the end, which had been made into a car parking area. However, this is now closed, along with the business it was attached to, so the residents there no longer have parking spaces near their houses.
And at the Council Chambers, it was agreed that the parking spaces should be for the use of Nigel the Town Clerk and the new Admin Assistant, whoever that might be (two candidates have come forward, and will be interviewed shortly). There have been complaints from the Catholic Church across the road that people using the Council Chambers have been parking there.
And finally, on parking, the Hay Fair will be arriving on Hay Car Park shortly, to find things moved around quite considerably from where they were last year, due to the building of the new school. There should be a plan on parking for the Fair, so councillors were going to check on this.

There was good news on the shipping container that the Town Council wants to buy for the use of the Woodland Group (that shed by the Sports Pavilion has still not been cleared out). It's going to be cheaper than they thought - at around £2,000. However, there isn't enough room for it to be put by the electricity substation where they thought it could be sited. So now they are considering the other end of the Riverside Path, at the Gliss, or even under the bridge, though there is some uncertainty about how it could be moved there. It would, of course, be green, to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible.

At the Warren end of the Path, Persimmon have been causing problems again. They have been cutting trees down without permission, and have been working at times that they agreed no work should be done. The agreement was that they should work from 8am to 6pm on weekdays, 8am to 1pm on Saturday, and do no work on Sundays - but residents overlooking the site have reported work going on (and the radio blaring out) on Sundays. The councillors agreed to invite the managers of the Persimmon site to a Council meeting to discuss this, and other issues such as the entrance they made into the site that they were supposed to stop using.


Anonymous said...

For your information,and that of the town council , the "car parking" in the field at the top of Black Lion Green was originally put in for an overspill of cars from Lion Garage awaiting collection, so as to free up the parking at the bottom area on the Black Lion Green. However over recent years this area started to attract residents cars without permission from the landowner. When a house for sale was advertised as having "parking", it was decided this had to stop. The field's ownership has now changed hands, and part of the legal requirement was that the "parking area" reverted back to agricultural land. This also coincided with Lion Garage relocating to their new Forest Road premises.

Hay has a major problem with resident parking, but now the "trial" scheme appears to be a cash cow for the County Council. If you want to park outside your house, give us your money seems to be their take on it. Heol y Dwr never had any restrictions at all, now its residents or time limited, so if you live there and work in Hay they charge you to park outside your own house during the day.
The trial scheme will run forever whilst it's generating cash for Powys County Council.

Eigon said...

I'm sorry to have got that wrong - all I knew was that residents were parking there, and that it was something to do with the garage. Thank you for the explanation.