Sunday, 28 May 2017

Festival Sunday

This morning started, as usual for me, with Broadcasting House on Radio 4 - which was live from Hay Festival today! Judith Kerr was one of the guests onstage, talking about her childhood when her family fled the Nazis (as told in her book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit), and how to talk to children about terrible events like the Manchester bombing this week. It's a sad thing that there are armed police at Hay Festival this year, and a strict policy on rucksacks.
Then I was in the shop all day, but I did notice a metal giraffe sticking out of one customer's bag, which told me that Martha and Love Zimbabwe were in town, and later a man came in with a small tree, which he'd got from the Woodland Trust on the Festival site.
And the Bean Box is open down by the river, in the garden of the last house before the bridge, selling coffee.
Now I'm just grabbing a snack before I head off to the Festival site myself, for the talk by the Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees.

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