Monday, 19 May 2014

A Man Can't Have Too Many Guitars

I went over to the Baskerville again last Wednesday with Brian for the music night (it seems silly to call it Open Mic when there isn't a mic!).
As we went in, the lady behind the bar had propped the second door to the bar open, and we noticed that the bar is actually called Moriarty's Bar. I asked if you have to be a super-villain to drink there - "in which case, I'm Catwoman for the evening."
It was another varied crowd - at one point there were eleven people all singing and playing at once, on guitars, accordions, a bodhran, tambourine, and mouth organ! One chap had brought three accordions, all tuned differently. So when Bob suggested a song, he picked one of them off. "It's in F," Bob said - but then remembered that he had to fit a capo to the neck of his guitar, which made it in a different note (or key, or whatever they are), so the chap put the first accordion down and picked the first up again....
Paul, who lives in a chalet in the grounds of Baskerville Hall, had brought along a bass guitar that he built himself. They're a multi-talented lot at the Basky! When he put it down by his chair, I said: "That's not a guitar! That's a cello!" He could only just get it under his arm to play!
And during the evening, Bob played one of his own songs called "(A Man Can't Have) Too Many Guitars", which caused another chap there to strip off his shirt to show off his t-shirt. On the front was the slogan which was also the title of the song, and on the back was a picture of twenty different guitars.
When we went outside at the end of the evening, there was a clear sky, and a full moon over the Black Mountains. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to hear Brian is ok. Please say hello to him for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Baskerville Hall = Clyro Court
The Baskerville Arms in Clyro village = The Basky (Twas the Swan in Kilvert's 1870's)
#Just Saying :)

Eigon said...

Oops - sorry for the confusion (I'm easily confused!). I mean the bar at Baskerville HALL!