Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Traffic Chaos around Hay

I don't know why it is, but this year the traffic problems have seemed to be a lot worse than previous years. We've had wet years before where the car parks in fields were closed and shuttle buses brought people in from Clyro and Gwernyfed, but this year there seem to be a lot more traffic snarl ups.
Some people are blaming the Globe, which takes advantage of all the extra parking organised by the Hay Festival without doing anything to provide extra parking themselves.

Meanwhile in Hay, troops of Morris dancers appeared in the town square yesterday evening to dance. I don't think it was an event that was advertised - they just turned up and did it.

And this morning I listened to Midweek on Radio 4 broadcast from the BBC tent on the Festival site. Sir Roy Strong was one of the guests, together with a lady who sang a beautiful a capella setting of an AE Houseman poem (she runs a community choir and organises folk singing events) and a local racehorse trainer.


Anonymous said...

Try getting around Town by the Globe first thing in the morning. You have to contend with the lorries emptying the septic tanks parked on the road and the Veolia lorries collecting all the rubbish. Last weekend I had to nudge out into the road hoping no one was going to run into me,and this morning I couldn't even get past the Veolia lorry blocking the road. Why is there no one from the Globe out on the road helping direct traffic around these vehicles,who will pay if someone has an accident?
All collections and deliveries are dealt with inside the main Hay Festival site which is manned 24/7, it's time the council put an end to the Globe's spin off which has no vehicular access during its festival.

Also,how come Tangerine Fields camping site are allowed to cover the main road with mud and not clean it up..... try getting away with it if your running a building site next to the public highway?

Disillusioned Voter said...

An interesting range of views in the previous comment. I think that putting an end to what the anonymous poster called the Globe's "spin off" would be daft, as in many people's view it is more exciting than the Hay Festival.

Sure, the traffic is a problem, but vehicles servicing the Globe are only a very small part of what is a far bigger issue Shutting down HTLGIF would not make much difference to the traffic.

And as for mud on the roads - I quite agree, those who leave mud on roads should be prosecuted. And let's start with some of the farmers who regularly and recklessly coat the roads between Hay and Bredwardine with mud...

Anonymous said...

Why don't the council make the two festivals operate on separate weeks,one could have the first Bank Holiday weekend in May, and the other the last. Then we'd see which one causes the traffic chaos around town!!
Personally I wouldn't care if nether existed.... not owning a business or working for a company that relies on Festival trade,all I get is the hassle of not being able to park outside my own house.
Seeing as proposals for Residents Parking notices are posted up around town at present,perhaps we could have an additional proposal for the whole of Hay to be residents parking only during the Festival period?
If you go to Wembley for a match or a concert,you cannot park in any residential area,they have Event Resident Parking zones,and all the large retail outlets will clamp any non customers cars. You have to go online and pay for parking in advance.

Anonymous said...

It is totally irresponsible of Powys county council to grant a license for howthelighgetsin without making it a requirement that they provide their own parking for the 20,000 odd people who attend it. Businesses in hay suffered due to the roads into hay being closed due to this utter chaos.

Anonymous said...

I think the official number attending HowTheLightGetsIn is 35,000 rather than 20,000. Even more reason for parking provision.