Thursday, 15 May 2014

Council Meeting - Sunday Buses and other things

There were lots of different topics covered in the rest of the meeting on Monday - here they are in no particular order:

The Woodland Management group will be meeting in June. In autumn they plan to clear some more trees, and they have been stacking logs for wildlife to live in. They are trying to get some rubbish cleared from around Mill Cottage, and have been in touch with the owner. The benches in the picnic area have also been mended, and the canoe landing stage has been cleaned down. However, some new graffiti has appeared under the bridge. There will be a sign up over the Festival on the Gliss reminding people that there is no overnight camping allowed there.

The Recycling fund stands at £1400. The Fair on the Square asked for £500, but this was felt to be unfair when the Food Festival gets less, so they have granted a smaller amount.

The Council now has a Facebook page! And the website is almost ready to launch. To demonstrate the usefulness of social media, Gareth said that he had put on his Facebook page just after 7pm that Fiona had been voted in as mayor, and had already got 40 "Likes" by quarter to nine.

A lady called Belinda Jenkins has applied to be a councillor, to fill one of the empty places.

There has been a meeting to work on a community plan, and there will be another one next week, on Tuesday 20th at 1pm, to involve the "key stakeholders". After that consultation will be broadened out to the general public. There will be a press release shortly. Hay Together is becoming involved in this, because they are working on a plan that covers the whole local area, including Cusop and Clifford and so on, whereas the council's plan will only cover Hay and will be referred to as the Town Plan. Things like housing and provision of school places are to be covered, which is quite difficult to do in a place where three local authorities converge.
I never knew before, for instance, that Clifford School runs a school bus from the top of Hay car park for pupils.
There were also comments, from those who could remember that far back, that there had been plans in the 1950s to build a grammar school for the Hay area, rather than having pupils scattered between five secondary schools including Brecon and Fairfield - but it never came to anything.

And on the subject of buses, the council came to the problem of the loss of Sunday buses for Hay. None of the councillors use the bus, and none of them were at the meeting about the buses, though Rob Golesworthy said that he'd been meaning to go and regretted that he hadn't been able to. So, since I was there, I gave them a brief run-down of what had been discussed and why it was important to keep the service. The council are going to ask someone from Hereford to come to talk to them about it.

There was another confusion over ownership of the Cenotaph, which needs repair work. There is a grant available to do the work, but first forms have to be filled in by the owners, whoever they are. The options are the town council itself, the British Legion, or the County Council. The councillors knew that Ginger and Tom Price's dad moved the cenotaph to its present position from the middle of the square, where it was first built, but that was about as far as it went. One pertinent question was - who insures it? Because that would tend to indicate ownership.
The Castle has already been approached and there will be discreet bunting for the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. The Castle also has news about grants they have applied for to do work and there will be announcements during the Festival.

There was a Food Waste meeting in April, offering money-saving tips on dealing with food waste, with a view to making Hay a Zero Waste Town.

The councillors also wanted assurances that a troublesome parking warden would not be allowed to work in Hay any more - I understand he threatened someone.

Residents of Warren Close are concerned about the possibility of affordable housing near their homes, and complained about a lack of consultation.
The Affordable Housing group are joining the Cheesemarket CIC, as an umbrella organisation which already has all the legal aspects in place for them to continue their plans.
Rob said that he had gone along to the Cheesemarket opening in his Mayoral chain, but was a bit put out because he felt like a spare wheel - he wasn't asked to do anything beyond turning up and mingling.

And the next meeting is on 2nd June.


Anonymous said...

It was Rob's decision to put on his suit and mayoral chain. He hadn't been asked to do anything at the Cheese Market opening. That was organised by the Cheese Market Restoration people and they chose to have King Richard open the Cheese Market with a speech by Juliet of Shepherds who was one of the team who did sterling work with the restoration. It wasn't a Council matter therefore Rob wasn't needed.

Anonymous said...

Who is posting the sign down on The Gliss that no overnight parking is permitted?
The council can't even get the untaxed yellow car that has been abondened down there removed,so how can they enforce a no overnight parking restriction?

Eigon said...

Rob said that he had been invited to the Cheesemarket opening as Mayor, and therefore attended in his chain. The Mayor often turns up to events which are not Council matters in the chain - for instance, opening the Fairtrade Christmas Fair a few years ago.
The sign on the Gliss will be put up by the Council, and basically they are hoping people will be nice! The yellow car should be sorted out soon - there was some discussion of it at the last Council meeting, along with discussion of what to do about the rubbish that has been left lying around from Mill Cottage.

Anonymous said...

The council are hoping that people will be "nice" and not park overnight down the Gliss? We have "Residents Parking Only" signs around Wyeside Gardens and Gipsy Castle yet the Festivalites will still park in these estates rather than pay £3 for a festival car park. We had a car with German plates on park outside our house last year,saw the Residents only sign,walked back to the car and put a Blue badge(disabled) on the dashboard, then skipped off to the Festival site.
Neither the Police nor the CEOs(or whatever they are called nowadays) are interested because they have no power to enforce temporary residents only parking.

Anonymous said...

Was there any discussion at the council meeting about the steel structure that has been erected at The Globe?
Steel,bolted to concrete footings,wouldn't pass as a temporary structure surely??

Eigon said...

The Council did discuss the Globe structure briefly. They don't like it, but I'm not sure what action they're going to take.

Anonymous said...

" The Council did discuss the Globe structure briefly. They don't like it, but I'm not sure what action they're going to take....."

As I don't do Facebook( re the early entry in your excellent report on the council minutes), perhaps someone who does do this "social media stuff" would ask the town council what they are going to do about it please?
I'm sure that if a steel structure had been erected outside one of the councillors homes,measures would have be taken to have it removed before now.