Thursday, 8 May 2014

Music at Baskerville Hall

Brian-with-the-Staffies has been offering to take me over to the Baskerville for an evening's music for a while, and last night I decided to go with him. There's an acoustic music evening every Wednesday, from around 8ish, and it's all pleasantly informal.
I've never actually been inside Baskerville Hall before. The entrance hall is very grand ("Have you got your cudgel to fight off the stoats?" Brian asked. "I'll be Toad - will you be Ratty, or Badger, or Mole?"). There's a grand flight of stairs, which divides at a landing half way up - and I was delighted to see that there was a fireplace on the landing, with two armchairs. It's a feature I don't think I've seen anywhere else.
The bar is just beyond the staircase towards the back. They were serving Wye Valley beer and during the evening the lady behind the bar came round with bowls of chips for everyone. They were also serving food. I took along my Anglo-Saxon lyre, but without the tuning key there wasn't a lot anyone could do to help me with it. (The tuning key should be sent on to me at some point by the chap who mended the pegs, once he can track it down again. It's really fairly low down his list of priorities, during his move back to Canada!)
There were some good guitarists there, some of whom were performing their own songs, and a singer had come over from Hereford, doing unaccompanied folk songs. Bob, who seems to be the man in charge, had also brought a bodhran and a couple of tambourines to play along with. Early on in the evening a young lad called Harry played blues. He'd been at a party there at the weekend, and lost his car keys. He got a lift home to Cardiff, but was back with his spare keys to pick up his car - and the journey had taken him about seven hours because he just missed the connection at Brecon and had to wait another two hours for the next bus! Then he very nearly left without his keys again (which he'd dropped on the floor) but with Bob's capo which he'd borrowed for a song!
I had a lovely time, and I hope to go again, and maybe perform next time! (I can always dust off the Joyce Grenfell monologues!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, Lovely to meet you at the Hall. Thanks for the write-up. Do please bring you Joyce Grenfell repertoire one night.
All the best,