Friday, 30 May 2014

Warhorse and Wolves

Yesterday Michael Morpurgo was speaking at the Festival, about Warhorse - and the Warhorse puppet from the stage show was there as well! I met someone who had seen the talk, and they said that there had been other puppets there, too, including one covered in feathers but shaped like a horse!
Then I went up to the Castle to see the wolves - Sally Matthews has made two sculptures to stand around the ruined part of the Castle.

This was the best picture I could get with my weedy little camera. The other wolf overlooks the Honesty Gardens, and is standing on a windowsill.

I met Tim the Gardener walking through town, as well. He's still very enthusiastic about Homer, and is now writing a book about his thoughts about the Iliad. His theory is that it wasn't Helen's beauty that started the whole Trojan war - it was Thetis, the mother of Achilles, and the prophesy that her son would be greater than his father. He's also been doing a lot of research about Hermes, who he reckons was the working man's god, and the god of people who had been dispossessed by the new Greek aristocracy, because of various festivals in his honour where masters had to serve the servants, like the Roman Saturnalia - and there was one festival where devotees of the god were encouraged to go out and commit highway robbery in his honour! Hermes was the god of thieves, among other things.

Today, Platform One Crafts are in the Buttermarket (from Erwood Station) and there are vintage and craft stalls in the Cheesemarket as well.

And I think Marcus Brigstocke may have walked by when I was chatting in Backfold - or it could just have been a bloke with a beard!

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Della Priory Wood said...

Really enjoyed your festival blogs. They are all interesting and entertaining :)