Friday, 2 May 2014

Looking at the Map

I often give directions round town to customers, using the Hay bookseller's leaflet map, and a regular question is "Where is the High Street?"
On this occasion, I'd been explaining that the bookseller's leaflet is about the only thing that all the booksellers can agree on (which always gets a smile). When I told the customer that there isn't one High Street, but there are three streets with lots of shops on them (Castle Street, Lion Street and Broad Street) and that Lion Street is split into two streets, I laughed and added "See, we can't even agree on a main street in Hay!"
"You're all slightly dysfunctional, aren't you?" he said, smiling.
"Yes, but slightly dysfunctional in a way that works very well!"

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Anonymous said...

Of course we must not forget High Town which starts in the vicinity of the Midland Bank curves past Shepherds and the Pharmacy before taking in, amongst others, the Post Office and concluding with OxFam.