Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Re-building the Bed

A few months ago, I treated myself to a new bed - only to find that it was designed rather differently to what I had expected. I thought that, like the bed I had in the 1980s, the slats would go all the way across the frame, instead of going half way and resting on a plank which went the length of the bed and was in turn resting on a leg (which was not much better than an extra length of plank on end).
I didn't feel safe - so I finally got round to going down to the hardware place on the edge of town.
It's changed hands since I was last in there, and is now Huws Gray, so I bimbled into the first building, where the main counter used to be, to find it in the process of being converted into a showroom for stoves and kitchens. The hardware counter was now in the second building along.
So I explained what I wanted to the young man at the counter.
"It'll take about five minutes," he said, and shot off to saw planks into lengths for me.
He also had the good grace not to laugh when he carried them outside for me, to pack them into my shopping trolley rather than the boot of a car!
It all cost a little over £20, and I now have a bed that I feel safe to bounce up and down on!

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watchthatcheese said...

Glad you got it sorted - beds are very important things.