Friday, 9 May 2014


Despite the reflections on the window, I think the display is fairly clear. I saw this in Golesworthy's window last night, and they're also selling the official Mallyfest t-shirt.
The event is happening at Baskerville Hall on the 21st June, and costs £10 - and for that you get 12 hours of live bands! It's going to be quite a mixture of styles, since Mally's own bands Zip Zip Undo Me and Superpumped are sharing the line up with Catherine Kramer, who sings Welsh ballads and runs the Community Choir. There are lots of other bands too, but I'm not remotely into the local music scene, so I'm afraid the only one I've actually heard of is Lonesome Stampede.
Mally Powell died last year, at the age of 48, of throat cancer. He grew up on a farm in Llanigon - and it's not long since his father, Fred Powell, also died. (I used to know Fred Powell well enough to say hello to, since I was a neighbour of his for a while in Llanigon. We used to call him Brezhnev, because he wore the sort of fur hat favoured by Soviet leaders.) Mally was also the lead singer of the "cult glam rock disco funk band" (to quote the website) Zip Zip Undo Me, with quite a flamboyant stage personality!
The music festival is being put on in aid of the Stable Project at the Pen-yr-Heol Chapel, Llanigon, where Mally was buried.
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