Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An Evening at the Rhydspence

It must be about fifteen years since I last set foot in the Rhydspence. In those days, it was quite a posh place to dine, with white tablecloths, and Dunkertons cider at the bar - we could never afford to eat there, but we did drink in the English bar occasionally.
Last night, Emma from Pottery Cottage kindly gave me a lift over there, and we had a lovely evening. Mark, who has recently taken over the running of the Rhydspence, told us he'd had a very busy May, and was looking forward to his first Hay Festival - all the rooms are booked. They've also sponsored the Festival event for Oliver Balch's book Under the Tump. The Dunkertons has been replaced by Thatchers, and the beers are Butty Bach and Doombar, and the place has a nice, welcoming atmosphere.

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