Friday, 13 May 2016

Where is Cusop?

To those of us who live in Hay, Cusop is a gentle stroll away on the edge of town. The Dingle is one of the nicest walks locally I know, getting gradually less built up as you go, until you reach farmland and, even further along, a dirt track instead of the road. And of course, this is where Kilvert said in his Diary that the last fairies had been seen!
All along that walk there's the Dulas Brook, with some pretty waterfalls.
And that's the problem, because the Dulas Brook is the border between England and Wales. Cusop is mostly in England - Herefordshire, and that's how it's being described on TripAdvisor now.
Herefordshire is quite a big place, so people wanting to stay in a B&B in Hay - or within a short walk of Hay - will probably not know that the B&Bs of Cusop would be ideal for them.
The Chamber of Commerce wrote to TripAdvisor in November to try to sort this out, and still hasn't got anywhere with them. There are seven B&Bs affected, including Lower House, which is actually on the Welsh side of the stream, although still in Cusop, but TripAdvisor seems not to be taking any notice of any of them, despite repeated complaints.
So the message is - if you want to come to Hay, think about staying in Cusop!

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