Thursday, 19 May 2016

Art and Music Coming up at the Festival

On my way home yesterday evening, I stopped in at the opening of a new art show. Elena Underhill has put an exhibition on at Ty Powys, down the alleyway to the side of Rose's Bookshop, and opposite Belle Books. The exhibition will run through the Festival until 24th June.
Elena is a Canadian, just flown in from Canada, but she's been to Hay before, when she came to several Baskerville acoustic evenings and sketched some of the musicians. So this is the sort of thing she does:

Later that evening, she came over to Baskerville Hall as well, bringing her sketch pad with her. A party of ramblers were staying in the hotel, so the music had a rambling theme, and we had a large audience - it was the first time this year that we've moved from the bar to the ballroom. Brian of Belle Books has now interested so many people in the Wednesday evening sessions that we needed two cars!

Meanwhile, Huw Parsons, another regular at the Baskerville, will also be busy during the Festival, along with Laurie Pyle, Justin Preece and David Cooper Orton. As the band Birds of a Feather, they will be performing live at 'BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester' on the BBC Radio Wales Hub at the Festival site, at 2pm on Sunday 29th May.

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Emma Balch said...

Oh I do like that sketch! I met Elena today (she bought a copy of 'Under the Tump' at the market). I was sorry to miss yesterday evening - we out at a friend's - especially as I had met some of the rambler's early in the day and they were all looking forward to the evening's entertainment. That's great that you had a rambling theme. Hope to be there next week. See you on Monday for our drink at the Rhydspence.