Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rhydspence Reopens

I was glad to see an article in the Hereford Times last week about the re-opening of the Rhydspence Inn, just over on the other side of the river. It's not so long ago that the local CAMRA group campaigned to keep it open, partly because of the historic interest of the building. Oliver Balch also writes about drinking there regularly in Under the Tump, though he noted that it was always very quiet.
I hope the new owners make a success of it, and keep it open for many years to come.

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Emma Balch said...

Hi Lesley, we should go to the Rhydspence together sometime. Oliver or I can drive us all there.

The new owner (Mark) is lovely and there is already a warm, welcoming atmosphere in there. It's our new favourite pub.

Let's arrange a date to go there for a pint, if you fancy it?

Good to be back at the acoustic night! Sorry I couldn't stay any later.