Sunday, 15 May 2016

Evenings at the Rose and Crown

You never know quite who you're going to meet when you go into the Rose and Crown.
A week or so ago, I was invited to join Brian in a drink, and we got talking to a visitor who turned out to be an artist and photographer who spent several years in Africa working for UNESCO. His name's John Harrison, and he gave me his card. His art works, in vibrant colours, are on his website at
And a few days ago, I learned a lot about the water content of wood with a local chap - who explained why wagon wheels used to fall apart in dry places like Arizona, and how to bend planks to build ships without breaking them - with a side trip to logging in Canada before the First World War, and a bridge disaster caused by wood panelling on an iron bridge hiding the rust - so one rush hour something like 200 people crossing the bridge caused it to collapse onto the train tracks below....
And Brian has completed his Pharaoh's mask:

Something for the casual Pharaoh about town, I think.

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