Monday, 30 May 2016

Poems to Make You Think

When I saw Marva at the How the Light Gets In launch party on Thursday, she kindly gave me a copy of her new booklet of poems, "poems for landscapes: prelude", which she's also illustrated with photos taken around the place where she lives, up in Llanigon. She says she's lived up there for 13 years now, and she still feels lucky to be in such a beautiful place!
The poems are not about the local landscape, though - they're about the terrible things that are happening around the world, and her reactions to them. Which sounds a bit grim, but there's a strong strand of hope running through the poems, too, and the last lines of the last poem in the booklet are:
"spinning futures
where equality
is reality"

The booklet is available from which is Marva Jackson Lord's website, and her email is info@marvas

And here she is, performing at the Old Electric Shop (picture taken by Julia Elkington):

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