Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bits and Pieces from the end of the Meeting

A bit of a mixed bag now, of all sorts of different things:

Hay Luncheon Club, which used to be under the banner of Community Support, has applied for a grant from the Council - and are going to be told that they need a business plan now, and when they have that they can apply to the recycling fund.

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle's wing mirror while he was walking along the pavement near Red Indigo. This is a problem with narrow pavements and fast moving traffic, especially the big lorries that pass through Hay, and the Highways Department will be asked what can be done about it in the way of possible traffic calming measures, or a pedestrian crossing.

Also on the roads, the bus timetable for the 39 will be changing slightly from 22nd October, in the mornings so that the service meets up with the T4 service to Llandrindod Wells. There may also be a need for a new bus stop in Brecon Road. Meanwhile the perspex in the bus stop by the Castle needs replacing and this is a job for the Council as they own the shelter. There's still no chance of an evening bus into Hereford though.

Going back to the closure of the Community Centre - councillors were asked to consider where a Polling Station would be when it had gone.

Cheryl Davis of Gipsy Castle has won the best vegetable garden in Powys - and this is the first time she's entered the competition!

Hay Together will be holding a public meeting on 13th November, and One Voice Wales will be meeting in Talgarth on October 18th.

At the Dial-a-Ride AGM, there was a bit of excitement, as they were given a donation of £20,000 to go towards a new minibus! Dr Ainsley Rice gave the money in memory of his mother, who died recently.

The Youth Club will not be moving into the bungalow by the school yet - there are still some issues with the County Council to clear up.

Hay School, meanwhile, is getting ready for an Ofsted inspection.

At the other end of the age range, there is a new Dementia Cafe which meets in Cusop Hall once a month for dementia sufferers and their carers. Training is available from the Alzheimer's Society for people who may have to deal with people who suffer from dementia, and Gareth said that he'd be interested in doing that, as he has occasionally gone round to see people who called him, only to find that they'd forgotten what they wanted to see him about when he got there. Several other councillors were also interested, and apparently the Alzheimer's Society are trying to train people so that communities which are supportive to people suffering from dementia can be created.

The Cheesemarket has been given listed building planning consent by CADW, for the renovations they want to do, so they're all ready to go on that. They are hoping to complete the work by April next year. They estimated that they had 650 visitors during the Hay History Weekend, and most (if not all) of the places that had a poster up explaining what the building used to be used for, have kept the posters on show.
John Evans of the Chamber of Commerce wants to use the Council Chambers to talk to 150 school children soon, about local history (in several groups! They'd have to stack them up in piles to get 150 kids in there all at once!)

Les, who has been setting up the market stalls for many years (apparently the correct term is "market toby"), has now stepped down, and a lady called Claire has taken over. The market equipment is being kept in a lorry which is parked at Henderson's factory.

And at that point, the three members of the public who had stayed right through were asked to leave, so that the councillors could discuss the matter of the new councillor's eligibility to remain on the Council.

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