Sunday, 13 October 2013

Raising Money for the School

The Hay School PTFA are having an eBay auction, at this very moment. They're raising money to pay for school trips, sports and play equipment, and IT equipment and software. They persuaded famous artists and writers who were at the Hay Festival to doodle for them, or draw small works of art, or give autographs, and they are now auctioning 24 of them off. The eBay auction can be found by looking for "Hay School PTFA" (that's Parent Teacher and Friends Association).
They really have got some good stuff - Johnny Vegas and Rowan Williams (ex-Archbishop of Canterbury) have both contributed, and so have Quentin Blake and Anthony Browne (famous for Gorilla and other picture books), Cerys Matthews (who used to sing with Catatonia) and Kevin Crossley-Holland, who has donated artwork from his children's novel Arthur: The Seeing Stone. All the sketches are mounted. Not many primary schools are lucky enough to get this quality of donated gift, and they deserve to do well with the auction.

And then on Friday 18th, when the eBay auction has finished, there will be an auction of promises at the Three Tuns, at 7.30pm. These include an hour's ride on a motorbike, a pick-up truck full of logs delivered, a cake a month for a year, a belly dancing class for four, a sailing lesson - and swimming lesson, pictures, jams and chutneys - and a haunch of venison, a visit to the Children's Ward of Hereford Hospital to meet a doctor and nurses and look at an X-ray machine, half a day's Landrover experience, tickets for an event at the Globe and a film at Booth's Cinema, and a day's canoe trip - and more.

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Eigon said...

I saw one of the organisers today, and he was very happy - they have made something like £5,500 for the school!!