Sunday, 27 October 2013

Caemawr Studio

Now I don't have a dog to walk, it's surprising what I miss! The last time I came down the Offa's Dyke Path opposite the castle, this building wasn't here! There was an old brick building instead, which was always locked up. When Islay was still mobile, I used to put my washing in the launderette, and come down here every week. We walked across two or three fields up the Dingle, and got back in time to take the washing out of the machine and put it in the dryer. But I never took her down here in her trolley, because it wouldn't fit through the kissing gate, and she's been dead for nearly two years - so it must be at least four years since I last came this way.
And now here is this lovely little artist's studio, with the most wonderful views up Cusop Dingle from those corner windows. That's where the new exhibition space is, with Georgina Fussell's studio above, and that's where I was yesterday morning, Bucks Fizz in hand, admiring the art work and chatting. I loved the mask for Fantastic Mr Fox by Cassie Rendle, and the industrial landscapes with birds which were upstairs - I came away with a card showing a high building somewhere in Bristol with a flock of pigeons against a grey sky. There were some very good portraits too - and I'm sure the picture of two dogs sharing a cushion must be Hartley and his little friend Daisy from Bull Ring Antiques.

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