Friday, 18 October 2013

Stitch and Bitch

We were in the back bar of the Swan last night because it was so busy. On the first Thursdays of the month, we book a space, but we leave it to chance in the middle of the month and last night Hay2Timbuktu were meeting in the little lounge by the front door, and someone else was in the meeting room - there was a big property auction going on, and halfway through the evening a lot of smartly dressed men came into the bar for a drink. The back bar has been changed around since I was last in there - there used to be a pool table in the middle of the floor. That's gone now, and has been replaced with tables, but the lights that used to be over the pool table are still there, so that's where the best light for knitting and stitching is.
Tracy brought some polystyrene heads along to give back to Emanation. She used them to display her hats over Herefordshire Arts week, and sold them all, so she's now busily knitting more.
Jan was knitting a baby jacket for her grandchild - the family are visiting from Thailand, so he'll only wear it while he's here. She was taking a break from cooking for twelve - Organic Paul at Primrose Farm is running a course involving gongs and sound therapy, and she's doing all the cooking for the participants, some of whom have very complicated dietary requirements.
Emanation brought her crocheted skirt to show everyone. She's been doing a crocheted poncho as well, and is hoping to do more to order - she's got a picture of the original one posted on etsy.
I was plaiting lengths of lucetted cord which will be woven into a rug - a lucet is a medieval wooden tool shaped like a cresent on a stick, which was used to make things like bootlaces and drawstrings, but it can also be used to make a looser cord, which I'm doing, so it feels nice and scrunchy under my feet when I have it as a bedside rug.

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