Sunday, 20 October 2013

Whovians in Hereford

Any excuse to dress up!
This is me as a Tardis Engineer, on the day of the Doctor Who event in Hereford. It was organised by BBC Hereford and Worcester, and we had an interesting chat with the lady from the radio station, who once worked for the Doctor Who Magazine, and who had interviewed several of the actors from the series. I met up with Si from Drudion, the medieval re-enactor group I belong to, while I was there.
I wasn't the only person in costume - there were several Doctors, a very good Cat Nun, a Weeping Angel, a Clockwork Man from The Girl in the Fireplace (one of the Tenth Doctor episodes), and an early Cyberman, among others. They'd gathered around the Tardis, which you could go in - but it obviously wasn't the real one, because it wasn't bigger on the inside. There was a real Dalek (called Derek!) and a couple of fan-made ones, and some Dalek toys for the kids to drive around. It was a very good day out for the kids, with colouring in of face masks and making Tardis models. Some fans had brought their collections along to show as well.
The main hall of the Shire Hall is up a long flight of stairs, and I did wonder how the children in wheelchairs that I saw in the entrance hall were going to be able to get up there. I hope there was a back way up there.

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