Monday, 21 October 2013

Good News for Hayfield Gardens

Hayfield Gardens have been given a grant by Environment Wales to make the area easier for disabled people to get access to - they are going to be able to make paths at the top of the garden leading to raised beds so that people in wheelchairs can do some gardening. They're also going to be able to create a new pond, both for plants that like wet conditions and as part of the irrigation system for the gardens.
However, they also need help. This isn't the usual call for volunteers (there are so many calls for volunteers to run this and keep that going) because this is something that can directly benefit the volunteer. Anyone coming along to help with the garden gets to take fresh vegetables home when they're grown. They need people to make the tea as well as do the weeding - and participants don't need to commit to regular hours; it's very informal.
It's an organic garden, and it has been running successfully for some time now. Between now and 31st March, they need help with driving a mini digger, making raised beds, installing plastic water tanks and making some paths. If they can't get the work done, they will have to send the money back.
There is also a garden plot of 130 x 40 feet which is to rent for £30 a year, in which an organic gardener can grow their own food - and sell the surplus if they wish. It would also be possible to split the plot into two halves at £20 each.
They are also hoping to run some countryside skills courses and horticultural courses.

Anyone who's interested in any of these things should ring Ros Garrett on 01497 821520

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