Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Living on the Border....

...can be a disadvantage.
It seems that Powys County Council and Herefordshire County Council don't talk to each other.
This can be a problem.
At the moment there is a lot of concern about the proposed 83 houses at the Gipsy Castle end of town - in the Powys area. It seems that this is not the only proposed house building around Hay, though. Just over the border in Herefordshire, there's a plan to build 20 houses near the Co-op, and another possible 28 in Cusop. And then there is the Community Centre site - a possible 25 new houses, and another ten near the doctors' surgery.
In Llanigon there are plans for 20 houses by the Diggedi Brook and another possible 10 on the site of the present school.
That's an awful lot of houses, and some local residents are concerned that this has not been taken into account while planning the size of the new school, for instance, because Powys County Council wasn't aware of the Herefordshire plans.

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