Thursday, 31 October 2013

Going to the Dentist Can be Frustrating

Last week, I went for my six monthly check up at the dentists.
I've had minor trouble with my gums for years, and this time the dentist recommended that I see the hygienist.
So I came out and booked an appointment with the receptionist.
Then I noticed the sign on the desk. The hygienist is a Private service (I'm NHS) and costs £36 a session. Neither the dentist nor the receptionist mentioned this until I saw the sign and asked about it.
I decided to go ahead with the appointment anyway, and got the time off work to go.
So - I went in today, and I waited, and waited and waited, and after 25 minutes I got up and put my coat on and came away. I have no idea where the hygienist was or what she was doing, but I wasn't prepared to hang around any longer.

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