Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Great Gate Concert

Hay Castle has what is reputedly the oldest castle gate in Wales. It dates to the twelfth century. It's also in a poor state of repair.
When I first came to Hay, over twenty years ago, I was involved in organising the wooden prop which holds up the gateway. By that time, my husband and I had been working for Richard Booth for a while, so when the contractor said he could do a job which would last for one year, five years or twenty years, we knew that Richard would go for the cheapest option. So we took the chap to one side and explained that, although Richard was paying for the one year option, could he please make it as strong as possible, because it would probably have to last twenty years.

Here we are, twenty years later, and the Hay Castle Trust now want to do something about the gate.
So they're holding a dinner and concert in the Castle, to raise money to conserve the gates. It will be on November 8th, and the tickets cost £50 - £25 of that is a donation to the gate fund. For that money, the diners will get dinner at Richard Booth's Bookshop, while serenaded by Sarah Newbold on flute, Katherine Thomas on harp, Marcia Crayford on violin, Susie Meszaros on viola and Moray Welsh on cello. They will be playing music from Mozart, Saints-Saens, Tournier, Beethoven and Francaix.

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