Thursday, 21 May 2015

First Day of the Festival

Here's the Eve Victoria cafe, with the artificial turf - which is also on sale, on the lectern at the side. And across the road is:

the Red Cross window.

Today there were two policemen on traffic duty at the bridge, with cars and coaches backed up in three directions. I don't think I've ever seen police directing traffic during the Festival before.
For the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, Edward Wakeling has lent out some paintings of the characters on boards - some in the window of Roses' Bookshop (with the White Queen shouting "Off with his head") and Alice at the Cinema Bookshop.
And there's a pop-up burger bar in town, and poetry at Tomatito's organised by Marva (who always finds interesting guests), and a programme of music at St Mary's, as well as the scheduled Festival silent film events, with Father Richard playing the organ.
The Black Lion has a picture of an exploding piano on the side of the building, to advertise their jazz events, and Tinto House is having an art exhibition (which may also have something to do with jazz).
So things are happening all over town, and tomorrow I'm going to be a tourist on my day off and see what's out there.

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