Friday, 29 May 2015

Thursday Evening

I was working late yesterday, so when I came out of the shop I had the choice of poetry with Julian Pettifer (with music from Alan Cooper and someone else) at the church, or a bluegrass band at the Old Electric Shop.
The Old Electric Shop was on my way home, so I stopped to listen to them for a bit. The windows were open, and the band were in the front part of the shop, where the cafe tables are, complete with double bass.
I've heard a report from someone who was at the Globe that the DJ for the disco was very good - and he "danced like no-one was looking".
And overnight, the rain came, though it's pretty much cleared up this morning.

And there's a strange tricycle with a curved, metallic cabinet on the back, parked outside Anima Rising, the pop-up shop on Broad Street. I couldn't get a photo of it because it's impossible to get an angle where I can see all of it at once - it's parked very close to the bushes of the garden next door - and I have no idea what the cabinet is for.

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