Sunday, 10 May 2015

Viewing Art at the Old Electric Shop

Lizzie Harper and Sarah Putt are putting on an exhibition of their art at the Old Electric Shop at the moment. It'll be going on over the Festival, and the other night they held a private viewing.
It was packed out!
Lizzie Harper (resplendent in blue sequins and feathers) does finely detailed illustration, mostly of plants and natural things. She illustrated Adele Nozedar's book The Garden Forager, and many of the illustrations she did for the book were for sale.
At the far end of the shop were Sarah Putt's portraits (many of the subjects wearing masks) and flower pictures. Some of the masks were on display as well - I liked the one decorated with butterflies.
And by the bar were some gorgeous photographs of the local area - but I didn't get to see who had taken them because of the crowds. The special cocktails for the evening seemed popular, but I stuck to a bottle of beer from Jones the brewer.
I chatted to a lot of people while I was there, about all sorts of subjects - but everyone wanted to talk about the Election, and everyone was dismayed at the result.
(I've only met one person who's pleased by the result, and she's a life-long Tory, so that's not surprising!).
It was a great party - so good, in fact, that they did it again the following night!
The pictures are well worth going to see, and it's an interesting place to have an art exhibition.

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