Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Eve of the Election

So, tomorrow, we all go to the polls (you are going to vote, aren't you?), and today David Cameron was in Crickhowell. He's been to Brecon and Radnor constituency before in the campaign, to a farm in Glasbury with George Osborne, because this is a marginal constituency which is running neck and neck between the Roger Williams of the Lib Dems (the present MP) and Chris Davies of the Conservatives.
Last week, the B&R came out with a wrap-around 4 page spread advert for the Conservatives, which caused some annoyance among readers of the paper, who thought that our local newspaper should be providing unbiased news coverage, rather than appearing to plump for one party over the others. You had to look quite hard to see that the front page story was an advert rather than a front page story.
This week, three letters complaining about the advert were published in the letters column, along with an Editor's note blaming the sales department, which is different from the editorial department. Which would perhaps sound reasonable if it was a large organisation, but it's quite a small newspaper really, and the two departments could probably shout to each other across the corridor if they wanted to.
Coming up behind the front runners is Matthew Dorrance of Labour (who seems like a nice chap - he came to the Fairtrade evening recently and met the speaker from Malawi).
Behind him, at an estimated 11% in the polls, is UKIP, and trailing behind UKIP are Plaid Cymru at 4% and the Greens at 3%.
Tomorrow we'll see how accurate those figures are.
Since I've got a large Green poster up in my front window, it's not really a secret how I'm going to vote tomorrow!

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