Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I went straight from work last night to St Mary's, and slipped in at the back just after they had started the musical evening. There was a lady with a cello, who will be playing Bach and Taverner later in the week, a lady singing with guitar, and Justin, also singing and guitar.
And it was absolutely lovely. The church was lit in the nave, but the choir was dark behind the performers with only a couple of candles on the altar, and the faint smell of incense in the air, and the sound of the guitars and cello were just the thing to wind down to at the end of a long day. It was beautiful. They sang a variety of songs, traditional folk and several of Justin's which I've heard him perform over at the Baskerville, finishing off with one in Welsh. At one point, they asked how long they had left, and a voice from the back (one of the organisers) said: "Carry on!"
Apparently, the organisers were let down by the performer who was originally meant to be there, so this was a last minute replacement, and they were brilliant.
There will be music in the evenings at the church all week, as well as the BBC lunchtime concerts, and of course Father Richard will be playing the organ to accompany Nosferatu and A Cottage on Dartmoor at the end of the week.

Back on the streets this afternoon, though, was one busker who would have been perfect casting for Cacafonix, the tone deaf bard from the Asterix books! I was quite relieved when he decided to move on.

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain how The Globe have been allowed to get away with a pop up gazebo over the pavement on the Brecon Road?
Does it mean that all the residents selling their produce can now pitch up out on the pavement also?