Friday, 8 May 2015

Election Results

So, it's goodbye to Roger Williams of the Lib Dems, and hello Chris Davies of the Conservatives.
I stayed up all night to listen to the results on the radio, partly because it wasn't clear (except in Scotland) what the outcome was going to be. The Brecon and Radnor result was mentioned in passing, and as the night wore on it became clear that the Lib Dems were losing seats everywhere.
So I looked up the BBC results page, and here are the figures:
Chris Davies won the seat with a comfortable 41.1% of the vote, a swing to the Conservatives of 4.5%. He has a majority of 5,102 or 12.7%.
Second came Roger Williams, at 28.3%, a swing against him of 17.8%
Labour came third with 14.7%, a swing towards them of 4.2%.
UKIP were fourth with 8.3%
Plaid Cymru came in at 4.4% and the Greens got 3.1%.
What seems to have happened is that the Lib Dem vote collapsed, and the voters transferred to every other party on the ballot paper - UKIP were the greatest beneficiaries of this - they got a swing of 6.1% towards them. In an interview on the BBC page, Roger Williams blames the fear of the Scottish Nationalist Party for his defeat, which he thinks pushed people into voting Conservative.
The turnout was high across the county, at 73.8%.

Next door in Herefordshire, Herefordshire South (a safe Conservative seat) remained Conservative. Jesse Norman got 52.6% of the vote, a swing towards him of 6.3%. His majority is 16,890 or 35.7%.
In second place was UKIP, with 16.8%.
Third was Labour with 12.8%
Lib Dems were fourth, with 10.6%, and a swing against them of 30.5%!
Fifth were the Greens with 7.2%.
Voter turnout was lower than Brecon and Radnor, at 66.8%

Herefordshire North is another safe Conservative seat, and they held it comfortably. Bill Wiggin got 55.6% of the vote, a majority of 19,996 or 41.6%.
Second was UKIP on 14%
Third were the Lib Dems, on 12%, and a swing against them of 19%.
Fourth came Labour on 11.4% and fifth were the Greens on 7%.
Again, the figures show a collapse of the Lib Dem vote, and gains for everyone else.
The turnout was fairly high, at 72%.

So that's the position locally - a sea of blue everywhere.

Herefordshire was also holding County Council elections, but the results have yet to be declared for that.

Meanwhile, it seems that Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband and Nigel Farage have all resigned as leaders of their parties.

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