Monday, 4 May 2015

Parking Changes

From 1st May, a new regime of parking charges came into operation around Hay. Preparatory to this, new line markings were put down round town, covering over the double yellow lines in places, and replacing them with parking spots. One of these is outside the HSBC Bank, which seems reasonable, because people are always parking their cars there to use the cash machine anyway.
On the slope above the Clock Tower, there are a couple more spaces, which make the end of Lion Street rather narrow - and at the other end of Lion Street, the seven end-on to the kerb parking spaces have been replaced with three side-on spaces. Which seems a bit daft. The Council have, apparently, cited road safety issues for the change, saying that the road would be too narrow for a fire engine to get down if needed - but that hasn't stopped them making the other end of Lion Street very narrow. Local residents, meanwhile, are continuing to park as they did before - end on to the kerb.


Anonymous said...

What a total fiasco this all is. Parking bays outside HSBC for people to use the cash why make it a 1 hour bay? All this means is that cars will have to park on double yellow lines either end of the bay to use the cash machine when those free spaces are taken up by someone sat having a coffee in Sheppards(not having a go at Sheppards,but it is the closest premise to these bays)
The bay's outside the Deli now mean that lorries delivering along Lion St now have to mount the pavement outside the Newsagents ,hit Derek Addyman's sign and Powys then have to come along and fix the kerbs and slabs again.
I do agree with the bays towards the Con Club because there is always someone who tries to grab another space and stick out into the road forcing cars onto the pavement.
Why make the narrowest streets even narrower by introducing these bays when they've added none on Oxford Road infront of the Castle,the widest street in Hay by far? If they can make Church St too narrow for a car and a lorry to pass,then why not Oxford road?
Have a look online at Powys' eligibility plan for residents,they've included properties on the front of DeBrios Court and Booth Gardens,both of which have parking at their rear.

Anonymous said...

The CEO on duty in Hay today told me that he was going to book the red car that was protruding out of the bay onto the road this morning....let's see who has the most bottle when the PCNs start stacking up on windscreens.