Friday, 1 May 2015

Much Silliness at Baskerville Hall

It's my fault. I started singing TV theme tunes from the 1960s, and on Wednesday Bob brought out his kazoo and did the Robin Hood song (and everyone knew the chorus!), and Paul on the guitar did The Beverley Hillbillies ("Black gold! Texas tea!"). The chap who brings the drums (Archie?) showed off his socks, decorated with a musical score, and that set off These Boots are Made for Walking, and a dozen puns from Brian, and Nigel started telling jokes - and amongst all that, some good music got played, and we all went away feeling really cheered up.

Meanwhile, round the back of the Hall, lots of tents were being set up for Troyfest over the weekend, and there was a polystyrene castle round the front. We passed some of the Troyfest people as we left, sitting outside on the porch where they could smoke, and told them they'd missed a really good evening - but they said they were waiting for the music at the weekend.

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